Westering High School opened in January 1970 with an enrolment of 185 learners and a staff of 10 under the principalship of Mr P. A. Blackbeard. after whom our school hall has been named. The school currently has an enrolment of 1,034 learners with a dedicated teaching staff of 54 teachers, 11 administrative and 10 maintenance staff who all keep our school running efficiently.

Mr J. L. P. Heath was the second Westering principal from 1991 to 1996 who we commemorated by naming our hockey and cricket fields aftre him. He was followed by Mr K. R. Ball who led Westering from September 1997 to December 2001. Our Sports Centre is known as the K. R. Ball Sports Centre. The current principal, Mr S. G. Hayward, started in April 2002 and is still flying the Westering flag high today.


Westering High School - an educational adventure.


Westering High School, by encouraging a positive work ethic, seeks through value-driven principles and with parental support, to educate the whole child to reach full potential and to play a meaningful role in society.


To instil in learners the values of inclusivity, diversity and educational excellence which contribute meaningfully to our school, our community and our nation.       


OPTIMA PETAMUS: Let us strive for the best


This was designed by Mrs R. Blackbeard, wife of the first principal of the school. The principal charge is the chevron which is also found on the Port Elizabeth coat of arms. The lamp of learning is placed at the honour point of the shield. The school colours are dark blue, royal blue, white and gold.


The Lamp is a symbol of Learning and Light.
The Flame is a symbol of Light

The Eagle symbolises Power and Courage and is used as a symbol in our Cultural and Sporting Spheres of the School.


Three of the school houses were introduced in 1971, at the official opening of the school, with the fourth been added later. The houses are named after distinguished philanthropists: William Matthews (Green); Richard Gush (Red); William Shaw (Blue) and Thomas Pringle (Yellow). All learners are allocated to one of these houses. Learners are expected to support their houses at all inter-house functions and to attend all house meetings.


Let us sing a happy song
To our school where we belong
Here we choose the right from wrong,
We would seek to do our best,
Practise kindness work with zest,
Set the flame of truth aglow,
Be a light where e’er we go.
Even should a storm arise,
May we brave the darkened skies
Strive for all that’s good and true,
Be sincere what e’er we do.

Grant O Father that we see,
All our talents come from Thee,
Make us what we ought to be

By Lisa Haus