Pupils are given many opportunities at Westering High School to develop leadership skills.

Class Leaders:

Every class has a class leader, elected by the pupils. Junior classes change class leaders every term to give more pupils an opportunity in this role. Each class leader wears a lapel badge to indicate their position.

Sports Captains:

Westering High School has many committees and sport teams, all of which offer leadership positions.

Representative Council of Learners:

Our RCL has members from all classes. They get together regularly and act as a link between the pupils, and the headmaster and executive.


Our prefect system is in operation from term four each year to the end of the third term in the next year. Prefects are expected to be loyal supporters of the school, and they assume responsibilities & duties which benefit the staff and the pupils. Our prefects are headed by a head boy, head girl, deputy head boy and deputy head girl. Prefects are awarded Colour awards for leadership, and Head prefects are awarded Honours for leadership. Junior Prefects: Our Grade 11 pupils are invited to apply for the position of Junior Prefect. This indicates their willingness to participate in school activities. All these pupils spend two weeks with the prefects on a rotation basis, which gives them an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a prefect. The final prefect choice will be made from these Junior Prefects.

Junior City Council:

We have 2 pupils ( one from Grade 11, and one from Grade 12 ) who serve on the JCC. This gives them exposure as to how council works, and it offers them the opportunity to work with pupils from other schools.

House Prefects:

Each house has a male and female house prefect. They are elected at the same time as the prefects and have the same term of office. They are responsible for spirit, discipline and participation of all pupils in all inter-house competitions. The house prefects are awarded Merit badges for leadership.